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Going abroad is one of the dreams that most people see these days. Everybody wants to travel abroad and live the life they desire. However, everything does not go as planned.

You apply for a visa but it gets canceled every time. Even though there is no problem with you or your application, still your visa application gets rejected every time.

It fills you up with remorse and makes you doubt yourself. But what can be causing this problem? Why is your visa getting rejected every time? There can be various reasons that might be causing the problem.

Whether it is the misplacement of celestial objects in your birth chart or black magic spells tampering with you, you need to seek out proper astrological help to fulfill your dream of going abroad.

Pandit Astro Raj Bhairav being the best astrologer in New york provides you with all the necessary tips and solutions that you require to get out of this problem thus helping you to fulfill your dream.

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